Puerto Rico

Polycultures of the Mind 

A Quick Message from the Coordinator of Raíces

One evening in the summer of 2019 I sat down to have a phone call. I was connecting with a friend of mine, Dr. Georges Felix and two farmers who now hold a special place in my heart, Aixa and Gustavo. Over the next hour or so we discussed ideas for a research project that would take my to Puerto Rico, from the offset all four of us knew we wanted to make a participatory project that would capture the voices of small holder farmers in Puerto Rico, and by the end of the call we decided upon a nice theme: the Past, Present, and Future of Food Sovereignty on the Island. Looking back it is incredible to imagine that with just one phone call the fundamental vision of the Raíces de Soberanía project was born: To bring forward the voices of small holder agroecological farmers in the artistic and academic exploration of the past, present, and futures of our territories.  

What follows is my attempt to unravel what we explored during those months in Puerto Rico, to try and synthesise some key insights and to immerse us all in a sensual experience of the past, present, and future of Puerto Rico’s food sovereignty 

To understand agroecology we need to begin to understand what it is, and what those who engage with it do. Perhaps this is an overly philosophical approach, however I believe it is foundational for us to base our understanding to ...

The Oldest Colony